Design inspires our heart, speaks to our sensibilities, reflects our perspective, and can be the fulfillment of many dreams and aspirations. At Yekmon Architectural Design Studio, we live (and love) to turn your ideas, needs and dreams into livable spaces with intellect, imagination and innovation. Through architectural design, we provide the expertise, research and theory to see your project from concept to completion. We combine the most sustainable approach with artistic thoughtfulness and practicality toward each project. We pride ourselves to not adhere only to one architectural style but to our client’s desire and taste. Design Custom homes, remodels, expansions are all possible with YEKMON. We also offer design consultations and can coordinate interior finishes. Our services, provide ample options for every budget. YEKMON uses the latest software, offering 3D models when requested by clients,.
Mona has earned the a Master’s Degree in Architecture with an emphasis in engineering and design building from BME UNIVERSITY in Budapest, Hangary. She has practiced residential and commercial design in different companies in different countries. Her passion for puzzling together client’s wish list, land features, building facade, design villa, renovation of old shops, café,… She believed everyone in this world has a right to taste the beauty and live in a comfortable place. And as an architect I can give this opportunely to all the clients with their specific budget.